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Digital Transformation Centre

Being Digital needs a change in mindset and ways of working to sustain value creation.

Unlocking the value of digital asset management over the long term needs the right people collaborating to make evidence based decisions which optimise asset performance and reliability, breaking down organisational silos.  Core to this change is the system – and EAMS Group provides a range of Industry Solutions tailored to the needs of your business which are benchmarked as world class and bring together a complete set of technology to digitally enable your business.

However, the best system in the world will not deliver benefits by itself. People need to work differently across traditional organisational divides and we have created the EAMS Group Digital Transformation Centre to start this process – a space which allows your transformation team to come together, collaborate and flourish, supported by engineering, asset management, technology and change experts to educate and empower the new ways of working.  We invest heavily in bringing new technology to bear in our own Digital Transformation Centre so that we can showcase them in action.

As part of our partnership with you, we also build a Digital Transformation Centre for your own teams to embed the ongoing spirit of collaboration, improvement and sustained value creation.

Visit the EAMS Group Digital Transformation Centre, based in Canary Wharf, London, to experience next generation enterprise asset management in action.