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Earlier this year EAMS Group entered our ‘Metro Mobile App for Signals Maintenance‘ into the Smart Rail Europe Innovation awards, competing in the product of the year category.

In a tightly contested category the project received a highly commended award that was presented at the ceremony held in Amsterdam.

The ‘Metro Mobile App for Signals Maintenance‘ is currently being used in London Underground where it is helping to digitally transform a historically paper based process.  Today, over 97% of work orders are completed using the app, reducing data errors, improving the effectiveness of maintenance, completing asset data capture more comprehensively and improving environment impact by reducing paper use by 320,000 pages per year.

The mobile app comes complete with a number of features including accurate “time on task” recording, materials usage (automatically updating stock), tools usage, capturing photos and a range of processes designed specifically to support inspecting and maintaining complex signalling assets – including the ability to log follow on corrective work directly from the mobile device using powerful template work orders which minimise data entry.  Since the app automatically downloads details of all assets in the area, and details of spares which are available, engineers can also perform an ‘Asset Swap’, automatically recording the move of a defective asset to a repair location whilst issuing a replacement from a specified storeroom – a feature which by itself justified the investment.

Staff at London Underground have reported on the use of the app “Until we implemented Metro Mobile, we were constantly having to test and refurbish signalling cards simply because we did not have the data about where they had been installed – and sometimes lost track of where signalling cards were.  This inflated our maintenance costs and meant more visits to fix defective signalling assets.  Now, that’s all been resolved and not only are my engineers happy but we’ve improved asset reliability as well as reducing cost!”

Accepting the award on behalf of EAMS Group, Andrew Evans, CEO, commented “We are delighted with this award which reflects the value that our app is bringing to London Underground.  We’re finally seeing a transformation in the digital workplace with task focused apps bringing the full power of the asset management system out to the field – not just forms on a mobile.  I was talking to one signalling engineer who said he was really pleased with his new iPhone – and particularly impressed with the functionality of the app.  He now doesn’t need to worry about time consuming paperwork back at the office and errors in asset data which never get fixed – the app does it all for him!  We have a whole suite of further apps which are already deployed, so we’ll be back next year at SmartRail!”