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EAMS Group’s Andrew Evans, Richard White and David Gate attended the 10th IAM Exchange event in London on 8th and 9th March.  The event was well attended with senior Asset Management professionals across a broad range of Asset Intensive Industries including Rail, Highways, Water, Power and Gas from the UK and Europe.  Common themes emerged from the excellent presentations and included the clear message that Asset Management is not the same as the Management of Assets; the need for linking asset information across the Lifecycle; the key role Asset Managers play in service delivery; and the increasing challenges and opportunities presented by the Digital Transformation.

A memorable take-away was the statement that ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast’ – a strong recognition, supported by several of the practical case study presentations over the event, that the transformation that asset intensive industries are embarking on is as much about engaging people and changing ways of working as it is about technology and data change.

EAMS Group presented our point of view on enabling the digital enterprise with digital enterprise asset management, outlining the key enablers of success which include the need for top down leadership; clear goal setting and measurement of results; process enforcement within the technology; and building a ‘Digital Twin’ of the organisation as a key enabler of cross-lifecycle management and whole life cycle cost optimisation. The presentation concluded with a live demonstration of our integrated BIM, Asset Management and IoT platform, emphasising that the tools are now available to enable the transformation of the Digital Enterprise.