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On Thursday, May 11th, EAMS Group hosted and presented at the quarterly IAM event. EAMS Group Director of Strategic Advisory, Richard White delivered a lively and engaging keynote speech titled, ‘Industry 4.0 – Implications for Asset Intensive Industries?’

Covering topics such as our award winning work in IoT, Cognitive and Predictive Analytics, Richard showed the potential uses for industry leading cutting edge technology and how asset intensive industries are able to harness these.

The event also provided an opportunity to showcase our joint development work that we are undertaking, linking our EAM Solutions with Virtual & Augmented Reality to see the digital twin in an operating environment where interventions to assets are occurring continually. The ‘Enterprise Digital Twin’ will transform the way we work across the entire asset lifecycle driving effectiveness and efficiencies, safety & performance improvement, and the overall customer experience.

As proud patrons of the IAM it was great to be so involved with such a successful and well-received event.

For information about Virtual Reality, or any of our Solutions or Products, contact us on or +44 (20) 3882 8448.