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EAMS Group are proud to announce a new exclusive partnership with Virtalis to enable the Digital Enterprise to asset intensive organisations.

The join of EAMS Group’s Industry Solutions, Products & Services and the Virtalis VR technologies will enable our customers to view their enterprise in a virtual way that will challenge the way asset and safety management is undertaken across the entire asset lifecycle.

The joint development and expertise of our combined teams will enable further competitive advantage for our clients and will ensure an improved experience for their customers. Positively disrupting industry norms will enable new business models and revenue streams for our clients and will allow improvements in safety, reliability & performance, whilst driving down costs in a safe and efficient manner.

Andrew Evans, EAMS Group CEO, explained: “With two thirds or CEOs putting digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy, the partnering of EAMS Group and Virtalis enables the Digital Enterprise to become a reality. The real time updating of the assets performance and condition being visualised in a virtual environment for the entire enterprise will provide massive benefits for the organisations and their customers. This will further enable a journey to world class performance and digital asset management across the entire asset lifecycle.”

Virtalis is one of the few global VR players that has expertise in both hardware and software and its Visionary Render software is used by engineers all over the world to transform CAD data into a virtual environment.

Dave Francis, Virtalis’ head of client delivery, said: “The Digital Enterprise has been the holy grail for some time, and now thanks to advances in both Asset Management and VR, we can create a seamless, real world composite that allows visualisation to be used in a different way. Our virtual models can be so accurate in reflecting the real world that change can be continually assimilated and even inspections can become virtual. We are confident that by joining these technologies together we will radically drive down costs, increase reliability and improve training.”

Industry 4.0 for the enterprise is now a reality, if you or someone else in your organisation have an interest in our work with virtual reality technology, or our other products & services, get in touch with us today to see how we can enable your competitive advantage.