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EAMS Group are currently actively engaged with Amtrak’s Infrastructure and Mechanical (Rolling Stock) engineering and asset management teams as we work together to redefine Amtrak’s enterprise asset management solution set for the 21st Century. Referencing Amtrak’s asset management strategy we are working to define a set of detailed best-practice processes and industry solutions which will enable full lifecycle management of Amtrak’s complete asset base.

Referencing and enhancing existing information models and asset databases, we are redefining the infrastructure asset hierarchy to create a digital twin of the Northeast rail corridor asset base that Amtrak owns and maintains. The output of this effort will be one of the most advanced and comprehensive cross-asset enterprise wide linear asset models in the world. The model is the foundation for all of the infrastructure asset management assets and will enable the advanced virtual reality modelling and cognitive & predictive maintenance modelling needed for the present and future railway.

The process and asset hierarchy design works undertaken as part of the Mechanical work-stream are directly aligned with the approach taken in the Infrastructure work-stream and will manage the transition of over 2,000 passenger cars, locomotives and switch engines into the new Enterprise Asset Management system.

These initiatives are facilitating improvements in safety, reliability & performance, whilst driving down TOTEX costs in a controlled, sustainable and measurable way.