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RSSB through research, analysis, and insight supports the rail industry and its stakeholders to deliver a​ safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system​​, they are focused on this by:

  • Developing Standards
  • Undertaking analysis and Insight
  • Carrying out Research
  • Promoting Sustainability Principles
  • Facilitating Technology Strategy

EAMS Group has been partnering with the Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB) providing Consultancy Services for Technology, Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

EAMS Group have also provided support for the Close Call System (CCS). CCS enables the rail industry to record and manage conditions and behaviours that, under different circumstances, could have led to injury or harm.  This information is used to mitigate risk and understand broader safety issues.  Initially used by Network Rail and its principal contractors there is now a wider impetus to use the system to drive improvements in safety culture and safety performance throughout the rail industry.

EAMS Group and RSSB’s collaborative relationship will enable key changes to the system and will incorporate a series of key functional improvements and enhancements requested by both RSSB and their client Network Rail to improve the Close Call System for the wider industry.

These improvements will target key areas of system functionality, including:

  • A new web based application for users to quickly and effectively log Close Calls
  • A mobile application for remote users to log Close Calls
  • Multiple improvements related to the workflow of Close Calls to the applicable managers & HSQE officials within Network Rail and associated Train Operating Companies (TOCs) and Freight Operating Companies (FOCs).