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Next week, EAMS Group are hosting a blue-chip client in our Digital Training Academy. The attendees will sit one of the Enterprise and Safety Management Technology Platform training courses offered by our experienced team of consultants and trainers.

Our training content is aligned to real-life industry case studies, client challenges and business use cases. With the Digital Training Academy course being held at EAMS Group’s head office in Canary Wharf, London, the attendees have the benefit of EAMS Group SMEs, technology experts and implementation consultants being readily available to answer any questions and enhance the training experience.

Following the completion of the Digital training feedback, the attendees will gain recognition as members of EAMS Group Digital Transformation Centre and, with ongoing support from EAMS Group, will have access to our suite of leading business processes and repository of training information.

EAMS Group’s Digital Training Academy offers an increasing number of available training courses designed with the improvement of Asset & Safety Management performance and culture in mind.

Follow the link for further information about EAMS Group’s Digital Training Academy, and find out how your organisation can realise the potential of your people, and how your Training Strategy can align with your Corporate Strategy.