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Kurkowski-Windecker™ Consulting (KWC) and EAMS Group have entered into a partnering agreement to leverage the resources of both companies to benefit their clients globally.

The agreement allows both KWC and EAMS Group to use each other’s resources and products on opportunities where requirements can be fulfilled through this agreement and are paramount to the client’s success. It combines mature, deep industry experience and skills with the latest leading practice technology solutions and platforms in the asset management and support disciplines. Together, with both company’s networks, they can provide global clients superior solutions and options for their business needs.

Andrew Evans, CEO EAMS Group stated: “It is great to Partner with Kurkowski-Windecker™ as they bring some extremely experienced industry expertise to a disrupting market space where ‘doing the same’ won’t deliver competitive advantage for clients and the best value for Customers.”

Jeffrey Kurkowski, Sr. Managing Partner of KWC said: “I am extremely pleased to see this agreement in place with EAMS Group. It brings together deep industry experience, skills and leading technology solutions that clients in asset intensive industries look for. Both companies have nearly identical views and approaches to business improvement and the importance and role that standards play, therefore entering this agreement ‘just makes sense’.”

KWC is a global consultancy with a focus on business improvement by seasoned professionals, often referred to as the “White Hairs” in the industry and around the world. All have decades of consulting, industry and global experience having worked for large consulting firms at many of the world’s most well-known and admired enterprises. All have impeccable credentials and the “white hair” that goes along with it.