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The Internet of Things connects billions of devices worldwide, enabling access, control and monitoring of devices such as Management Systems (BMS) and SCADA systems from anywhere at anytime. EAMS Group are pleased to announce a new partnership with TRIDIUM and their market leading Niagara software platform, where you can go even further – as far as your imagination can take you. This exciting new partnership enables us to integrate existing and new IoT systems on a common open platform with full interoperability, use data analytics and connect these assets into enterprise platforms such as IBM Maximo. Meaning we can help our clients on their digital transformation journey as we move to condition based, predictive and intelligent management and maintenance regimes. For every cost saving made through better management of energy consumption in buildings, industrial operations and transport, two to three times these savings can be made through reducing unnecessary maintenance costs whilst reducing system failures and extending asset life. Our world-class solutions are guided by the three core principles of the open Internet of Things: Open Connectivity. Open Ingenuity. Open Choice. We link the sensors, BMS and SCADA systems to our Asset and Safety management solutions to provide a single line of sight from equipment through to the people that either use or are responsible for maintaining the equipment. From commercial buildings to industrial and transport operations to smart cities, EAMS Group is pioneering new services and changing the way machines communicate with each other – and with you.