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EAMS Group attended and presented at the 9th European Airport Summit at London Heathrow Airport  on November 6th and 7th.

The event consisted of interactive sessions from peers and industry leaders with the agenda focussed on digital transformation at European Airports both today and in the future.

Co-partnering with Tridium and IBM, EAMS Group showcased various elements of their Airport Solutions including integrating Internet of Things (IOT), Condition Based Maintenance, Digital Twin, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS).

The Summit explored the way Artificial Intelligence (AI) can work for Airports. It was collectively concluded that this area is expected to make the most impact over the next few years by making use of Mobile applications and cloud computing.

The Summit also debated data ownership, which assets to instrument and how to achieve end to end integration whilst not exposing security vulnerabilities. Discussions then focussed on ways to apply all these data sources into one data lake while maintaining an ethical trusted secure eco-system that provides business outcomes.

Evolving themes included dialogue on Connectivity between IOT and Blockchain addressing needs for Airports both now and in the future. The impact on Operations of the Airport was also discussed and will certainly still be discussed in more depth at the next Airports Summit.

The event was attended by several high profile clients from UKI & Europe and provided the opportunity to meet and network.

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