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About our partnership with IBM

According to the Gartner Group IBM’s Maximo system is the top rated Enterprise Asset Management platform on the market. It is a highly scalable product, ideal for large & small organisations.

EAMS Group is IBM’s Transportation, Infrastructure and Aviation Development Partner/ Design Authority and a Gold Business Partner.  As a company, we have a long track record of delivering high quality projects built on the Maximo platform and as such are IBM’s preferred global transportation solutions partner.

To be succesful with these projects, we do not merely implement the system, but through our Research & Development team have built a suite of products and processes that ensure your system is performing to maximum capacity.

EAMS Group are the Maximo experts, and we want to help you on your journey to world class, contact us today to find out how.

Global Solutions Development award

In 2017 EAMS Group were announced as the global winners of the IBM (IoT & Watson) Outstanding Solution Development for our Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, Products and Business models.

The award was presented at IBM Interconnect, IBM’s premiere global event, attended many of the world’s leading influencers and leaders in the industry.

EAMS Group’s Industry Solutions, Products and Business models provide our clients with competitive advantage that enables them to transform their companies through Enterprise Asset Management – putting digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy.

This award was great recognition from IBM about the groundbreaking and industry leading work that the company is doing and how we are helping some of the world’s largest asset intensive companies reach their objectives.