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Enabling Success

To continue our Vision of being the Global Leader in the provision of Enterprise Asset and Safety Management Services and Solutions EAMS Group defines its Strategy in three-year cycles.

Our Strategy is underpinned by our Mission of enabling our clients to become world class in asset and safety management for the benefit of their Customers.

Ours is a high growth strategy underpinning our vision and our culture of being the best for our customers and delivering through total dedication to our client’s success.  We do this in the following ways:


We exist for our clients and their Customer as Enterprise Asset Management is the platform of improving the Customers experience.

Delivering exceptional value to our Clients as their strategic delivery partner for the benefit of their Customers.

Performance & Continuous Improvement

Outputs and outcome are the focus. Performance and ongoing continuous improvement is measured for the entire journey.


We will continue to collaborate globally with an ecosystem of leading organisations and universities to deliver exceptional value.

Time to Value

EAMS Group enables organisations to understand the possibilities of how technology enabled Enterprise Asset Management can realise immediate benefits that they haven’t properly experienced previously. Moving from foundational competent to advanced to world class with sustainable and continuous return on investment is not a risk but a certainty. With our world class services, products and solutions we remove any risk and enable your journey to return immediate benefit.

Enabling Digital

Digital enablement is about using the power of data to speed up and drive improvement across the whole asset lifecycle.  Whether it is linking the Design/Build information into Maintenance, integrating data streams from IoT devices to drive real time asset management or exploiting the power of advanced analytics and machine intelligence, digital enablement brings benefits.  Core to this is the “information hub” which provides the whole eco-system to access reliable, up to date data securely, enabling new business models to emerge – for example, allowing specialist engineering consultants to develop and test their degradation models using real data, or simulators to integrate 4D modelling of maintenance regimes before work commences.

Our strategy is delivering the Information Hub for our clients and their supply chains to shift the bar on World Class Asset Management

Business Models

In today’s dynamic and complex world of rapid change our business models support organisations creating value whether big or small whether leading edge or traditional. Only EAMS Group has these business models due to the range of services, products and technology enabled industry solutions.


We continue to grow our UK and European Operations and invest in our Enterprise Asset Management Digital Transformation Centres globally.

Our People our Leaders

Underpinning all we do is our people and our clients people working as a Strategic Partnership from the Executive to the Front Line.

Having expertise and ‘empathy with the assets’ we are working with is critical as to is the relationship with our clients as their strategic partner assisting them in meeting their objectives and enabling competitive advantage.

We empower our people through a culture of continuous improvement and the desire to be the leaders. Leaders without titles just Leaders in everything that we do.