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Asset Intelligence as a Service

World class asset health insights delivered as a service

Many organisations are swamped with data about their assets, but often lack any real insights into health and performance. This problem is increasing with the explosive growth of Industrial IoT devices pumping out huge streams of near real time readings on a host of measurement points.  Various point solutions are available from vendors, and organisations are spending large sums on proof of concept projects in an effort to improve asset performance to meet increasingly tight funding regimes.

At EAMS Group we know that solving this problem relies on combining excellent engineering insight with advanced technology skills.  We have carefully combined the ingredients for success and offer Asset Intelligence as a Service.

Asset Intelligence as a service relies on an information hub which gathers and organises asset data from your core Asset Management systems, to create an integrated “Digital footprint” of your organisation’s assets and systems.  We link this model in the information hub with the data streams coming from your connected devices – whether pure IoT or SCADA type systems so that we can see the data in context – the first step in creating asset intelligence.  We have connected a range of advanced tools (including degradation models, cognitive and predictive Artificial Intelligence engines) to this information hub to analyse performance and create hypotheses which our asset engineers then refine to create actionable insights to improve asset reliability and performance.

Talk to us to find out how to transform your business with EAMS Group Asset Intelligence as a service.

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Asset Intelligence as a Service

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