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Digital Asset Management as a Service (DAMaaS)

EAMS Group enables clients to fast track their journey to world class through a new digital operating model for asset management

Transforming your asset management performance through outsourced world class asset management

Operating in asset intensive industries has never been tougher.  Customers are demanding more and more service reliability for lower cost, while funders want to increase return on capital employed and unions want increased workforce safety and wellbeing.  Organisations need to transform to meet this challenging environment – and asset management is on the front line.  Yet the pathway to success it not clear.  There are countless major infrastructure owners the world over who are gritting their teeth in the face of multi-year programmes costing tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars.

 At EAMS Group we have the pathway to World Class mapped out and have already delivered transformation successfully.  We have carefully combined the ingredients for success – excellence in asset engineering, expertise in asset management, leveraging world class technology, and delivering transformation through a carefully planned executive led and IT sponsored programme where we partner with you as your transformation partner.  We use our Industry Solutions, specialist tools and techniques and your strategic control to deliver you the actionable insights which will enable you to optimise your decision making across the asset lifecycle.

 We package this whole approach as an outsourced service – meaning immediate reduction in your costs with increased asset reliability and performance.  We bring you the World Class team which has realised 30% reduction in operating costs, 40% increases in reliability and 7 fold increases in workforce safety – at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and managing your own team.  And without the risks that multi-year change programmes with multiple interest groups and suppliers involve.

 Talk to us to find out how to transform your business with EAMS Group Digital Asset Management as a service.