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Digital Transformation

The challenge for asset intensive industries is to optimise decision making across the whole asset lifecycle to improve asset performance and availability to meet the demands to do more with less.

Achieving this needs a transformation in asset management capability to truly leverage digital opportunities.  This means underpinning your decision making with a digital representation of the assets and systems which deliver your services, and embedding an information rich, intelligence led decision making culture across your organisation.   At EAMS Group we have the complete answer to enabling you to build your Digital Enterprise Asset Management with our extensive engineering and asset management expertise enabled by our pre-configured Industry Solutions.

The benefits of this digital transformation are huge and typically include optimised portfolio management making the right decisions about repair, renewal and replacement; maintenance and inspection regimes which are attuned not just to the condition of the asset, but to the overall performance of the system; continuous evidence driven leveraging of leading practices; real time asset management plan maintenance; and immediate actionable insights into workforce safety.

Organisations which are able to “be digital” stay ahead of the curve and generate massive return on investment – 7 fold increases in safety, 40% increases in asset performance and 30%+ reduction in lifecycle asset cost.

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