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Digital Information Strategy Service

Organisations in asset intensive industries are maturing their asset management capabilities with the need to reduce costs and improve performance. Achieving these goals requires a change in the way information is managed within the business. Advanced organisations recognise the need to maintain a model of the asset information that is needed to support Design/ Build, Maintenance & Operation.

An Asset Information Specification (AIS) is an abstraction of the information about assets defining the attributes of, and relationships between a set of real world assets and designed to meet a multitude of business needs. The AIS is a single business definition of the information about assets needed to operate the business and is agnostic to the underlying technology platform(s).

Developing the AIS is a key component of demonstrating an organisation’s alignment with ISO55000, as it meets the needs of the Asset Knowledge Standards. EAMS Group’s Digital Information Strategy services provide organisations with the approach to develop the Asset Information Specification, and embed information and data governance in the organisation.

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