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Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a completely integrated digital representation of your physical assets and organisation.

The technology exists to have visualisations of your assets – from Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) to more simple visualisation techniques such as GIS, BIM, CAD and 2D drawings. A true Digital Twin comes from these being fully integrated with your asset, work and safety information stored in your EAM along with surfacing IOT and real time data again through your EAM.

A properly implemented EAM System with added visualisation tools enables a Digital Twin to become reality. It provides the base foundation upon which all these visualisation technologies can be enabled. Providing real benefit. The EAMS Group Industry Solutions will provide your organisation with all these building blocks, and our team of experts will provide the roadmap required to put it in place so that you are able to truly leverage the benefits of Digital.

Once in place we will really be able to transform your organisation into a world class operation. Your staff will be able to explore any area of your network within the digital twin, regardless of where they are, and to ensure that this data is accurate your assets will all be digitised and intelligent so you can receive live status updates from on-site and feed this information back into your EAM System.

Fewer site visits, less travel, better trained staff and more visibility of your organisation mean that you will be delivering better service and enabling savings for your business. For more information, follow the links below:


Industry leading Virtual Reality integrated with your EAM to enable a true Digital Twin.


Integrate or consume BIM data into your EAM along with 2D/3D visuals bringing multiple benifits to kickstarting OPEX


Visualise 2D drawings, 3D models, BIM models, Real Time graphs and dashboards and incorporate mapping and GIS tools all in your EAM


Industry leading Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Industry 4.0

With 70% of Global CEOs of large enterprises putting Digital at the heart of their strategy, Industry 4.0 is centre stage for achieving competitive advantage and business success