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Information Modelling

Defining and managing the information needed to model and manage the complex systems of assets required to deliver a service is a vitally important part of advanced Enterprise Asset and Safety Management.  Too often, the information requirements for a new Asset Management system are simply migrated from old database schemas – resulting in both too much and too little data being captured to support maintenance delivery and analytics.  Ownership of the definition of information require is unclear, meaning that release of new maintenance standards requiring additional asset data capture takes place without effective understanding of the impact of data capture, whilst no one is responsible for retiring data attributes which are no longer required.

The EAMS Group Information Modelling service resolves these problems by defining the information needs of the business – based on its asset classifications, maintenance strategy, operational performance management regime, operational characteristics and new asset build approaches.  We also define and implement the asset information ownership model alongside the existing standards maintenance regime to ensure ownership of the information specification is fully aligned with the standards which define the requirement.  The service is accelerated through a library of over 200 pre-defined asset hierarchies, systems and classifications, and by an information governance model which includes roles and responsibilities and governance mechanisms across the whole information specification and data governance lifecycle.


  • Guaranteed sustainability through implementation of information specification and data governance – owned within the business, not IT/IM

  • Minimum viable definition of information requirements with full line of sight from attribute to cause (e.g. standards)

  • Efficient information specification modelling through pre-defined asset information specifications and advanced tools support


  • Rapid development of information specifications through combination of your organisation’s existing standards and database definitions, together with our engineering and asset management knowledge

  • Accelerated ability to conduct data quality assessments against new systems requirements – especially in conjunction with EAMS Group Data Loader tools

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