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Digital Workshop

MRO Industry Solution – product set

Digital Workshop

Digital Workshop has been designed to seamlessly join the entire Asset Lifecycle Journey, increasing the performance of your organisation whilst also reducing the total lifecycle costs.

MRO organisations generate a vast amount of data on both an operational and a strategic level. This data can be valuable, yet is often wasted. EAMS Group has solved this problem, creating Digital Workshop, a solution that ensures this valuable knowledge is put to use, connecting data sets for all levels of your organisation and ensuring that decision makers have the information they need to make the best informed decisions.

Digital Workshop combines a unique set of capabilities and when these are used in unison are able to reduce Enterprise to Enterprise processing time by over a third and allow organisations to operate at maximum capacity, whilst still achieving optimum cost reduction.

There are many keys to success for an MRO project, however, we have found the most important factor is the perception and the acceptance from your team on the shop floor. If you have a system that is easy for them to buy in to, and is easily demonstrable as to how it will assist them in their day-to-day routine, then you have taken the first step. We have run focus groups with these front-line staff from a broad range of companies, and Digital Workshop reflects this. A system which turns complex processes into simple steps and is the solution to real-life issues.

Operator Workstation

Operator Workstation is an application designed to seamlessly connect the digital resources relevant to performing a repair operation. The application is presented in a standard user interface which is accessible via all platforms, allowing a standard Operator to access it via mobile, desktop, and touch-screen terminals.

It has been specifically designed for the needs of the Operator, ensuring that important data is easily accessible at all times. Their Working Progress schedules, links to all relevant manuals & work instructions, company specific documents & other necessary material are available at the touch of a button. It also forms part of the Visual Workshop, granting Operators & Team Leaders a holistic view of operations due to be completed, and those already completed.

Operator Workstation utilises an advanced workflow management system along with process interruption capabilities. Critically, it will capture detailed data that will allow organisations to analyse the cost of repairs and auditing. This presents a unique opportunity to maximise MRO capacity and truly understand your organisational costs.

MRO Repair Scheme

Digital Workshop’s Repair Scheme Configuration Management application allows engineers to build and maintain Repair Scheme Routes. This provides Engineering teams a powerful tool for quickly updating and managing complex & non-standard Repair Scheme Routes.

MRO Repair Scheme is fully integrated with Competency data and the Operator Workstation application, and is used to communicate and apply changes to operating procedures quickly and en masse.


Asset Configuration Management

The Asset Configuration Management solution provides real-time calculations of an Asset Consists configuration and the life of each component of the asset. It helps to accurately perform system and component analysis and reporting, leading to improved reliability and lower maintenance costs.

The solution includes the following features:

  • Component life accounting
  • Operational status management
  • Definition of as-designed allowable asset builds
  • An electronic Flight Log Book
  • Progressive Inspection Programs

Asset/ Product Bill of Materials Management

This has been designed as a lighter version of the Asset Configuration Management Solution, it provides the ability to maintain a Parent Child Relationship for a product type to be cross referenced on induction for repair.

It integrates with the Repair Scheme Configuration Management application to accurately map the journey of an Asset and its Child components following approved Repair Scheme Route formats.

Product Lifecycle Management Portfolio

Digital Workshop’s Product Lifecycle Management (‘PLM’) is designed to be fully integrated with an EAM solution, including a digital manufacturing suite for process planning, developing factory layouts, and optimising human factor.

It provides the organisation with the ability to create 3D MRO simulations, optimise maintenance schedules and repair schemes, define automation sequences, operator training and automate maintenance task documentation.

The organisation can produce 2D/3D Asset/Product drawings and factory layouts allowing the operators and customers to navigate complex models with ease, and further more provide customers with technical scheme and quality performance metrics, creating key differentiators from competition.

Capacity Simulation Modelling

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining an effective maintenance organisation is the ability to understand the impact of ‘What If’ scenarios in the context of maximum output capabilities. Organisations need to understand the effects on resource, labour, agreed workloads & quality issues in live production environments, and test the net impact workload associated with Product Lifecycle Management.

Capacity Simulation Modelling provides a unique opportunity for an organisation to optimise efficiency, linking lifecycle costs, performance, investment, and customer expectations to maximise on output whilst reducing overall cost. The solution uses a sequence of mathematical simulation tools, integrated with our other products like PLM, Visual Factory & Predictive Maintenance, to build models which accurately offset these constraints.

Visual Workshop

Technological advances have created a multitude of opportunities for companies to create capabilities within their organisations. Everything from 3D modelling of parts & process outputs, repair scheme simulations and production workflows. These are all developed to optimise cost and your performance.

Our Visual Workshop Solution presents the right information to the right people, and in a way which can be quickly & easily digested. Therefore, allowing the decision makers to use their expertise to make the best decisions with the data available.

From the presentation of work in progress through to complex technical documents providing a simple view for Operators, having all information required accessible at the touch of a screen, EAMS Group will create a clear picture of what is happening within your organisation.

Field Repair Force Optimisation

Customers are increasingly looking to reduce the downtime in their operations when assets are being repaired. The EAMS Group MRO Solution will enable you to reduce this period as much as possible, providing your organisation with a strong value proposition.

Our solution offers a suite of fully integrated Fault Reporting Centre applications, linked to optimised field work allocation and work activity. It also utilises our Mobile Work Management application which allows the engineer to request materials and complete work details whilst on the move.

Our Mobile Work Management application imports a GPS location position of available field resource, allowing our Fault Reporting application to suggest an optimised work schedule based on contract requirements, engineering capability, and optimised locational positioning. The Fault Reporting Centre application suite allows an organisation to maximise the performance and cost of its repair force in a live field environment.