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Internet of Things for Enterprise Asset Management

In 2008 the number of connected devices outstripped the number of people on the planet, and by 2020 there are estimated to be over 50 billion such devices.  Currently upto 95% of the data available from these devices is not harnessed.

Remote condition monitoring, intelligent assets and specific operational systems have communicated for decades, so how is the internet of things different? The internet of things brings together these disparate systems, sensors and data sources with a simple, cost effective toolset. When unintelligent assets, or safety critical operational systems which cannot be tapped into, are augmented with IOT sensors, the technology bridges the gap between physical and digital representations of assets.

So what does it mean to asset intensive organisations and their enterprise asset management systems? Having this wealth of information in a siloed database doesnt help, what you need is a way to aggregate, store and use asset sensor data along side your other asset information, such as maintenance history, fault records, etc. This allows for a holistic view to be taken when actioning corrective or predictive works.

Examples of possible integrations include;

  • Feeding meter readings into your EAM to automatically drive preventative maintenance.
  • Automatically create emergency or corrective work based on sensor readings and asset information in your EAM with logical rule sets.
  • Use analytics against massive amounts of data coming from equipment, in combination with other sources to move towards a predictive maintenance regime.

But the benefits of integration and combining IOT and EAM systems go beyond optimising maintenance and obvious cost savings. Aligning maintenance investments to the demands of equipment saves money and improves effectiveness, allowing equipment to perform at the optimal level. Work planning becomes more efficient, as well, creating savings beyond core maintenance and mitigating operational risks. Labour costs are typically reduced using asset health solutions, and worker health and safety is improved because operations teams are able to avoid dangerous, ad hoc projects and conduct maintenance procedures only when required.



As a specialist Enterprise Asset Management company we know we where are limits lie when it comes to the hugely competitive IOT market. That is why we have partnered with some of the leading global specialist industrial sensor and network solution companies who understand the complexities of your asset base and the data outputs required to meet your EAM needs. This allow us to make sure that there are no gaps in our consulting or solution offerings and provide you an end to end solution.

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Integrate or consume IOTdata into your EAM and action the valuable insights this data provides as part of a shift towards condition based or predictive maintenance.