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Predictive and Cognitive Asset Management

your journey to world class asset management will inevitably lead you towards predictive based maintenance, to advance and get the most out of your enterprise asset management tool set you will want to start taking advantage of cognitive computing power.

When as much as 70 percent of preventive maintenance performed has no effect on uptime metrics or reliability, and time-based overhauls do not improve the reliability of complex items unless there is a dominant age-related failure mode, there needs to be a shift away from frequent time based preventative maintenance. So world class organisations are implementing condition, reliability and risk based inspection and maintenance regimes which deliver sustainable cost reduction. But without the correct available information and application of analytics, there is a huge risk that the changes to maintenance will not be fully understood. With the correct information and analytical tools maintenance regime changes can be made at a known level of safety and service security.

Once you have collected this rich information that is where you can start to utilise predictive and cognitive tools to further advance your asset management techniques.

At EAMS Group our objective is to help our clients reach this world class level of Safety and Enterprise Asset Management with the adoption of analytical tools, from ground up reporting frameworks to advanced capabilities such as cognitive machine learning or predictive modelling. To achieve world class levels requires that the correct information models are defined, enforced, data is collected and collated and then various manual and automated analytics are performed on this data so that continuous improvement can be monitored and maintained.

Our Analytics Platform brings with it predictive toolsets allowing you to consume data to gather insights in potential failure modes, causes and conditions. With process driven feedback these insights drive condition and predictive based maintenance. Building in analysis on asset and system criticality and performance impactors allows for a risk based approach to operations and maintenance.

ThenĀ your rich data can be fed into cognitive and machine learning tools allowing users and your system to intelligently query your data and get intelligent answers back automatically. Streamlining data entry, providing users with useful and applicable information at their finger tips.


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