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Docklands Light Railway DLR

In 2014 when Keolis Amey Docklands (KAD) won the 7 year franchise to operate and maintain the Docklands Light Railway, a key component of their successful bid was the implementation of best practice asset management to take this already reliable railway to new levels of performance. Following the success of EAMS Group’s MetroRail Enterprise Asset Management solution at London Underground, we were selected to implement the solution for KAD, named ‘DLR Metro’.

DLR Metro provides complete coverage of all Infrastructure Asset Classes (Track, Signals, Civils & Power where a full linear asset model has been realised), Stations Asset Classes (Premises, Electrical, Mechanical, Lifts & Escalators), Rolling Stock, Materials Management and Health & Safety business units. With a suite of ‘smart mobile’ applications to take the desktop processes and functionality out onto the railway this is a true Enterprise Asset Management Solution.

Using our MetroRail Industry Solution built on the industry leading EAM framework, IBM Maximo, EAMS Group has enabled KAD to seamlessly merge the worlds of Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Asset Management to build an information led organisation that is a blueprint for all performance based Railway franchises across the world.


Fast Track

Utilising our MetroRail industry solution DLR/KAD were able to fast track an enterprise wide asset management solution in under 2 years, covering all asset classes

Optimised Business Process

Streamlined best practice processes were designed and tweaked to suit DLR/KAD, helping improve the way the organisations functioned. Importantly all these processes are configured into the EAM solution DLR Metro.

Mobile Workforce

All KAD engineers now receive & complete faults, planned and corrective works, and supply chain tasks directly to their mobile devices all intelligently integrated and coupled with the DLR Metro system.

Fully Hosted

EAMS Group fully host and manage the DLR Metro system, allowing for agile development, support and scalable infrastructure

In addition to the core Asset and Safety Management processes, DLR Metro includes a sophisticated Performance Management suite of applications and reports that automatically generate the numerous daily, weekly and period reports that define KAD’s operational performance. EAMS Group’s solution fully automates what is usually a highly manual process at most franchise/ performance driven railways around the world. This means highly accurate performance data without the need for a large team of performance analysts.

By 6am every morning over 1.2m million records detailing the exact history of every train movement in the previous 24hrs have been extracted from the DLR’s CBTC Signalling System, error checked, data enriched and imported into the DLR Metro system.

A full suite of performance metric reports is then automatically generated and distributed to all stakeholders including the Docklands Light Railway Ltd and ultimately Transport for London. Rather than spend time creating performance reports, KAD’s Performance Team can spend their time analysing the cause of the performance issues and working with the Engineering Teams to improve the reliability of what is now one of the World’s best performing Metro Railways.