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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow was in the process of implementing a new enterprise reporting platform and required assistance defining their reporting strategy across the entire Engineering & Maintenance function.

As is common with many organisations, they had a large number of key operational and management reports that had evolved over time, without the control of reporting strategies and frameworks in place. This resulted in significant and problematic duplication in the usage of their reports.

EAMS Group addressed these issues by carrying out a detailed diagnostic of report usage, using data mined from the Enterprise Asset Management System, and then carried out at a series of workshops. These workshops involved key stakeholders, from senior managers, through to front line staff, to better understand their operational and strategic business requirements, and to identify key gaps in the current catalogue of reports.

As Heathrow is fully committed to Asset Management Best Practice, we ensured the report categories were fully aligned to the relevant ISO55000 Subject Specific Guidelines, which make subsequent audits more straightforward, as compliance can be more easily demonstrated.

With their Reporting Strategy in place, Heathrow now has a roadmap to ensure that all report development delivers the biggest return on investment possible for their business.