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The Maintenance Repair & Overhaul business models operate in some form in most industry sectors, including: Rail, Aerospace, Military & IT. These all come with an extensive array of supporting technologies and software.

Most of these are positioned at an organisational level, whereas at EAMS Group we understand that is actually part of a larger lifecycle journey to achieving total lifecycle cost & performance improvements throughout any Asset journey.

There have been significant challenges historically in effectively collaborating throughout the entire value chain. However, a growing desire to move to world class, in both service and performance is driving organisations to examine new ways in how they approach competitive advantages, understanding that it becomes less about competing organisations and more about collective Value & Supply Chains.

Recent advances in technologies, and changes in demands from an emerging millennial workforce, mean there is real pressure to have solutions that make effective use of Big Data. This is driven from: IoT, Advance Sensors, Mobile Workforces, and complex ERP/EAM systems, in a manner the millennial workforce expects.

There have been recent studies showing millennials having a greater understanding of technology, less patience for underperforming technology and are more inclined to work collaboratively.

Accessing the right information, at the right time, by the right people, in the most effective way generates real results in reducing waste, and promoting continuous improvement within organisations.

EAMS Group are working collaboratively with these organisations to actively find solutions to these challenges, and helping them to create opportunity with the use of technology, to further integrate within the Value Chain, achieving competitive advantage and improved service & performance, whilst creating deeper opportunities across all actors within the Value Chain.

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