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Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB)

Britain’s railway is one of the safest and most intensively used rail networks in the world. The system is operated by a number of organisations with clearly defined roles that work closely together to deliver a successful railway for passengers, freight customers and the public. RSSB supports the industry to help them achieve their objectives – particularly in regard to efficiency and safety. RSSB is independent, works across the whole rail network and facilitates cross industry collaboration.

Through research, standards, analysis and insight, RSSB supports the rail industry, members and stakeholders, in driving improvements in health & wellbeing and delivering a safer, more efficient and sustainable rail system.

EAMS Group were engaged by RSSB to provide HSQE and Technology Consulting Services to assist with improving Health and Safety Performance across the Rail Industry.

RSSB currently use the following industry safety systems:

  • SMIS, the Safety Management Intelligence System, a system used by the rail industry to collect safety incident data
  • Close Call System, an industry system collecting and managing close call data, used by Network Rail, some train operating companies and Network Rail’s principal contractors


Analysis showed that no organisation uses one single system to record and manage safety events. Each organisation employed two or more systems, with some company’s using multiples of information sources and databases.  Further investigations revealed that there is no qualitative consistency across investigations at the same level.

Following on from our joint analysis RSSB launched their SMIS+ programme to develop next generation technology for safety reporting in the rail industry. This is a multi-year programme replacing the existing industry safety systems, as well as individual companies’ local safety management software.




EAMS Group supported the recommendations that RSSB replace their SMIS, SIDB, and Close Call systems with a single HSQE system across the rail industry.

Approval Support

EAMS Group supported RSSB in gaining approval across the industry for a single system and optimised processes to support the management of safety for all stakeholders and developed the Roadmap for implementing the programme across the industry.

Project Management and Consulting

EAMS Group provide Project Management & Consulting advice to RSSB for the SMIS+ Programme and Health and Wellbeing.


Technical Support

EAMS Group also provide technical support to the Rail Industry using the current Close Call System.