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VTEC - Virgin Trains East Coast

Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC) operate the east coast mainline franchise in the UK. They serve the main line from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh among other routes. Operating 155 services a day and serving 20 million passengers a year using 14 diesel and 30 electric high speed trains.

Prior to their partnership with EAMS Group, VTEC were struggling to utilise their Maximo solution to a high standard or drive through any continuous improvements due to an unresponsive and disengaged supplier. As a result the users within VTEC lost all faith in Maximo and questions were asked whether it was the correct Enterprise Asset Management System for them.

There was no clarity over licence ownership, turnaround of support incidents was not up to the required standard and there were other issues causing disruptions in their business.

EAMS Group moved swiftly to determine scope, objectives and a roadmap. The VTEC Maximo System was transferred to EAMS Group cloud hosting and support services with a turnaround time of 8 weeks from inception to cutover. The incumbent supplier provided very little information but with our experience and best practice knowledge that did not hinder a smooth transition.



The resolution of commercial issues and licence ownership, ensuring transparency for VTEC


Performance Improvements

Immediate performance improvements in terms of system responsiveness from use of the EAMS Group cloud hosting



An improved support service provision, from front-line support through to service management


Access to EAMS Group experts for consultancy and technical services. This has allowed VTEC to assess their business processes and use of Maximo to formulate a Roadmap to Excellence, helping drive continuous improvement