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Delivery Models

Digital Asset Management as a Service (DAMaaS)

At EAMS Group we have the pathway to World Class Enterprise Asset Management mapped out and have a strong track record of delivering succesfull transformations.  We have carefully combined the ingredients for success:

  • excellence in asset engineering
  • expertise in asset management
  • leveraging world class technology
  • delivering transformation through a carefully planned executive led and IT sponsored programme.

We use our Industry Solutions, specialist tools and techniques and your strategic control to deliver actionable insights which will enable you to optimise your decision making across the asset lifecycle.

We package this whole approach as an outsourced service – meaning immediate reduction in your costs with increased asset reliability and performance.  Our World Class team has previously enabled 30% reduction in operating costs, 40% increases in reliability and 7 fold increases in workforce safety – at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and managing your own team.  And without the risks that multi-year change programmes with multiple interest groups and suppliers involve.

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Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Organisations embarking on the journey to world class need to be able to scale their capabilities as they progress.  In recognition of this, and building on our Hosted SaaS model, EAMS Group offers a BPaaS deployment option for our Industry Solutions which allows you to select the most appropriate set of capabilities for you to maximise your ROI.

Our BPaaS model includes ongoing monitoring of your deployment to identify when you will benefit from additional processes, information and technology capabilities to increase your ROI.

Asset Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

World class asset health insights delivered as a service

Many organisations are swamped with data about their assets, but often lack any real insights into health and performance. This problem is increasing with the explosive growth of Industrial IoT devices pumping out huge streams of near real time readings on a host of measurement points.  Various point solutions are available from vendors, and organisations are spending large sums on proof of concept projects in an effort to improve asset performance to meet increasingly tight funding regimes.

At EAMS Group we know that solving this problem relies on combining excellent engineering insight with advanced technology skills.  We have carefully combined the ingredients for success and offer Asset Intelligence as a Service.

Asset Intelligence as a service relies on an information hub which gathers and organises asset data from your core Asset Management systems, to create an integrated “Digital footprint” of your organisation’s assets and systems.  We link this model in the information hub with the data streams coming from your connected devices – whether pure IoT or SCADA type systems so that we can see the data in context – the first step in creating asset intelligence.  We have connected a range of advanced tools (including degradation models, cognitive and predictive Artificial Intelligence engines) to this information hub to analyse performance and create hypotheses which our asset engineers then refine to create actionable insights to improve asset reliability and performance.

Talk to us to find out how to transform your business with EAMS Group Asset Intelligence as a service.

Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS)

Many of our clients take advantage of our fully hosted cloud environment to accelerate deployment.  EAMS Group has pre-configured and optimised the cloud environment to suit our Industry Solutions and we use industry leading cloud services to provide the underlying Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service capabilities and we manage the app stores as well – or can deliver our apps via your corporate app store.

We manage all aspects of configuration, capacity, availability, disaster recovery, upgrades, patching and security for one monthly fee.  Our support service provides full 2nd and 3rd line support, linking with your own 1st line support team.


EAMS Group can work with your internal infrastructure and application management teams to deploy our solutions in your own Data Centers.  We provide full documentation enabling your support teams to manage the environments and production support.

During the implementation project, we will work with your teams to optimise server requirements and optimise licence management. Optionally, EAMS Group can support the solution post-Go Live, integrating with your 1st Line support function via our ITIL compliant Support Desk.