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Cloud Infrastructure Support Services

Hosting & Managed Infrastructure Services

EAMS Group runs its own managed cloud, this service has been built using best of breed Platform as a Service vendors in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM softlayer.

Our infrastructure services are ISO 27001 compliant and we can support SIL levels 1 to 5.

We offer UK, US & European data residency. We will provide you with a yearly security review and demonstrable evidence of our penetration tests.

We have qualified experts in infrastructure, as well as the components that make up our solutions e.g. Oracle, IBM, DB2, MS SQL Server, IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic.

We have extensive monitoring capabilities in place to proactively manage the environment.

EAMS Group cloud operates at 99.99% availability and our offering includes service credits should we not meet these SLA’s.

Performance Monitoring

Our performance monitoring service, delivered as an element of our support capability, will proactively monitor server performance, capacity & hardware health, as well as the availability, response time, and hardware health of multi-vendor physical & virtual servers running Windows or Linux.

We can remotely remediate server issues, terminate runaway processes, start/ stop services, and reboot servers.

Business Continuity Services (DR)

EAMS Group provides a range of business continuity services. Whether it is via disaster recovery that has already been designed into our SaaS and BPaaS offerings, or high availability added to your existing infrastructure, then EAMS Group has the track record, and the skill sets to accomplish it – fast.

Tuning and Capacity Management

We offer a full range of tuning and capacity management services for your installation. Through our diagnostic tool we can tell you where the pain points are in your performance.

EAMS Group can assess your system usage profile and recommend capacity changes at the correct layer to get the best return on investment.