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Enterprise Solutions Support Services

Service Management & Reporting

EAMS Group provides an ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) compliant, end-to-end service management offering.

If your organisation has adopted SIAM (Service Integration and Management) then EAMS Group also has significant experience delivering under this operating model.

We take a holistic approach to our service management – from call logging and resolution, to continuous service improvement. We believe that a multi-skilled resource profile with an understanding of your business, who can also move through the technology stack, is crucial to providing a capable service.

As an integral part of our service, we report on how your service is performing on a monthly basis, with a dedicated service management meeting as well as real-time management reports in the interim.

We are always transparent in our reporting and we will provide a range of metrics on our service performance, such as ticket resolution times, and ticket backlog volumes – we consistently exceed our customer targets.

We believe our service is a contributor to your service. We provide all customers with their own dedicated Service Manager to ensure optimal service provision.

24/7 Service Desk

EAMS Group provides a 24/7/365 service desk for its customers. The service desk is operated by highly experienced and trained on shore based support personnel.

EAMS Group is all about its people, so we only employ the very best. We believe that integrity and open communications are key to handling critical systems support. You will see that in everything we do.

With over 5,000 end users under our support care, we know how important customer service is. We strive for first time fixes and can flex our capacity and capability to deal with unexpected spikes in demand to ensure that you get a first class service – every time.

Where possible we adopt a ‘Shift Left’ approach and provide targeted self service capabilities to lower costs and make you self-sustainable.

We will target our service desk solution for you. We can integrate with your existing service desk systems, to provide a seamless technical solution. If you require a ‘boots on the ground’ approach, we can have staff members on-site.

Enterprise Mobility Support

As a part of our Support offering, EAMS Group supports end user mobile devices and applications across all of our solutions. We provide end-to-end support throughout the entire mobility lifecycle, including:

  • Ordering/ provisioning new mobile devices. Selecting the appropriate cellular/ data plan with carriers, based on the profile of the user
  • Configuration of new devices – Performing integration with corporate email, calendar, directory functions, plus any proprietary mobile apps
  • Security – EAMS Group will configure and enforce security policy for mobile devices
  • Support – The support for end users of mobile devices and applications, including remote lock, wipe, locate leveraging industry leading MDM tools
  • Maintenance, Break/ Fix – We will interface on behalf of the end user with the appropriate carrier to replace broken or lost devices. We will then configure the replacement device before deploying to the user
  • Decommission – EAMS Group will manage all device decommissions for any change in employment, as well as for devices at the end of a contract.

Analytics, BI & Reporting

EAMS Group believes that your reporting and analytics solution is key to running your business, and therefore demands a level of support equivalent to the Enterprise systems that feed it.

EAMS Group can provide support services across the following:

  • Analytics, BI & Reporting technical solutions
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) support
  • OLTP – Operational reporting
  • OLAP – Analytical reporting
  • Descriptive and Prescriptive analytics
  • Predictive analytics

We have experience in all the market leading tools, from Cognos & Tableau to Axiom EPM and Watson Analytics. We can augment our world class technical support with business support, to give a totally end-to-end service.

Licence Compliance Management

EAMS Group licence compliance management service takes the same approach to your software licence assets for your Enterprise systems as we do for your physical assets.

We will ensure you exploit the correct licence model, and have the correct licence costs. If you have already been audited, we will be able to assist you with audit mitigation actions.

EAMS Group will provide the following services:

  • Licence needs analysis
  • Licence compliance assessments
  • Licence model consultancy
  • Licence model transition

Enterprise Application Support

EAMS Group application support covers support across all our solutions and platforms. Our application support offering covers your EAM, ERP & EPM systems.

We provide application maintenance and support to minimise service disruption and to facilitate operations. We will investigate problems, diagnose root causes, and provide swift resolutions. EAMS Group will also ensure that all systems comply with relevant standards and regulations, as well as the latest relevant releases.

Where applicable, we will identify known errors and problem trends and find permanent solutions.

Upgrade Services

EAMS Group provides upgrade services for your EAM (Enterprise Asset Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) systems.

We can upgrade your systems within days with minimal to zero downtime. Our upgrades are cost effective and we apply our experience to deliver an unparalleled upgrade experience.