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Support Transition Services

Service Assessments

If you need an assessment of how your current service provider is performing, then it’s time to speak to EAMS Group. Our service assessments will assess how your system is implemented in relation to best practice technical & functional benchmarks. We will perform a health check across the system and provide recommendations on how to resolve any issues found.

As part of this service we also assess your licence compliance and provide options for resolution.

Service Migration

If your current service provider is not delivering the value that you believe your investment deserves, it is time you had a word with one of our experts. We provide a low risk transition on to our support services and help get your system firing.

EAMS Group have successfully transitioned large & small organisations, in an accelerated timeframe, with zero unplanned downtime.

In every single instance there were improvements with system performance, user experience and the ongoing support service.

Get in touch at and we will be happy to share client testimonials and results from our projects.


We can offer you comprehensive helpdesk training to sustain your implementation. This can be both Level 1 & Level 2 support functions.

As part of our Service Integration training, we will design and deliver courses that are tailored to the solution you operate and ensure the end-to-end support process functions best.

Licence Renewals & Re-Buys

As part of our ongoing support services, we can facilitate all your licence renewal requirements. In the event where you need to re-buy licences then that can also be completed with EAMS Groups process.

Technology Consulting

In a technological changing landscape, change is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The new technology complements the old, rather than replacing it, resulting in a complex landscape.

EAMS Group can help you navigate this landscape. Through our technology consulting division we offer:

  • Technology Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Asset Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • Enterprise Performance Management Solution
  • Business intelligence and Analytics Solution for EAM & ERP
  • Agile Delivery
  • Technology and System Assurance and Delivery
  • Technology Innovation

EAMS Group sees increased platform competitor concentration in EAM, ERP and EPM, as well as more incremental product innovation. We are not seeing many new architectural, platform or format shifts, but the definition and take up of new business models is growing monthly.

EAMS Group is uniquely placed to address these trends, we can help you gain commercial advantage from technology, through to the adoption of mobile working as well as target new business models.

We help our clients optimise their delivery capability, and effectively deliver and assure their technology portfolio. Our ability to support clients to deliver their change programme is central to what we do. We will take you all the way from programme strategy through to execution.

We offer clients deep capability and industry insight into providing technology strategy, business analysis and advisory services. We assist our clients in building leading technology thinking and solutions, through our ability to deliver technology-enabled change programmes.

We work across all industry sectors, delivering projects from strategy through to implementation.